Tuesday, May 4, 2010


In my previous post, I said Aristotle and I meant Descartes. It is now fixed. But seriously. This is further proof that:

a) my mom drank when she was pregnant with me.
b) I was home schooled.
c) my friends that read this are either complete assholes or as big of idiots as I am.
d) I potentially have wet brain from drinking my weight in rum.
e) I was raised Mormon.
f) all of the above.

You may vote in the comments section, if you would like, or come up with your very own possibilities!

(Fun fact: I know for sure at least one of these things is true!)


  1. I think it was g) I thought it was a joke, and a little h) I didn't want to be "that guy". You should go back and change it to Spinoza. It would be hilarious.


  2. i) it was the heat, your brain is getting as fried as that chicken you adore! besos!